New Zealand Retirement Trust

Help your staff to plan ahead

Being able to afford to do things in the future, whatever they may be, means having a plan to put money aside now and make it grow. You want to save as fast as possible, yet you want it to be as easy as possible.

AMP’s New Zealand Retirement Trust (NZRT) is a flexible, portable and affordable way for employees to do this. It's not surprising more employees support NZRT than any other employer sponsored super scheme in New Zealand.

Why NZRT ?

The New Zealand Retirement Trust is an innovative retirement scheme to help your staff plan for their retirement.

The NZRT is New Zealand's largest multi-employer superannuation Master Trust. Currently the NZRT has over 32,000 members and approximately $1.4 billion in assets managed for over 600 employers (as at December 2010)

The main features of this scheme include:

Investment Options

There are ten investment options available from five different investment managers (AMP, ASB, OnePath, Tyndall and TOWER). These funds have different levels of investment risk – conservative, moderately conservative, balanced or aggressive – depending on how much risk the employee wants to take.  Investment options are very flexible and can be spread amongst any or all of these managers.

Lifesteps Investment Programme

AMP has developed a new investment option within the New Zealand Retirement Trust that helps to manage retirement savings.

This investment option is called Lifesteps.  It provides the simplicity of a single investment choice with the flexibility of an investment that changes over time. Investment risk reduces automatically as members get older, so they don’t need to continually reassess their investment strategy.

Continuing as a member under the NZRT- My Super

Membership can continue under the NZRT (in the My Super section) even when members leave employment.  They don’t need to withdraw their money and set up a new individual arrangement. This lets a new employee choose a long-term strategy, regardless of how long they’ll be in the job.

Ease of Administration

The plan is structured to keep administration needed by the employer to a minimum.  Generally the employer only needs to forward contributions to AMP regularly (or in-line with pay days) and send a schedule detailing each member’s contributions.

Competitive fee structure

By spreading the fees across all employees participating in the NZRT, AMP has been able to maintain an extremely competitive product.

For a copy of the New Zealand Retirement Trust Investment Statement, visit the NZRT webpage (and go to 'Product Information and Forms').

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